Esme Zur And The I Of The Age

Perfect for fans of the Hunger Games, Divergent and Maze Runner, Esme Zur, And The I Of The Age is the first book in L.A. Estabrook's, Esme Zur series. 

A grand dystopian saga with a strong female role. Esme Zur is transformed by friendship, self belief and love. She becomes the key to saving the world, bringing hope by learning to believe in her gifts. Leaning on her friends to solve the most difficult coming of age story, save yourself or save someone you love.

In a future world decimated by Versa's AI. Esme Zur learns that her Dad was taken by the anti AI Andize for hiding her genius hacker skills. Her family is torn from within over her abilities. She must choose between staying in the shadows or hunting the mainframe, chancing discovery by the Andize. Needing more than herself to find her way, Esme discovers she may be the chosen one to bring about the downfall of all AI. Will she get caught and be forced to do Andize's bidding to fight the Versa or will she return stability to her family and the World.

Staying in the shadows allows survival. Being discovered demands saving the world; Commence discovery.

Esme Zur And The War Redone

The second in the series of the Esme Zur sage. Esme Zur finds herself somewhere new with power to control her surrounding. What will Esme do? Who is on her side? 

Coming late 2021.

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Waking Or Dreaming

A book of Poems; one for every week of the year. A compelling story of the highs on lows of perseverance in life with Stage 4 Breast Cancer.